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How much cash does the family get?

At least $500, most often more. Contact us and let us tell you how much cash we can give you for your claim.

How much more than $500 can families get?

Contact us and let us tell you how much cash we can give you for your claim.

How do the family members get paid?

Usually with a cashier’s check when they sign the documents. As soon as the documents are signed, the notary hands the family members their money. Before the notary comes, we email the family members a copy of their cashier’s check, so they can confirm with the bank it’s good.

How long does it take to get the money?

After all the family members with inheritance rights agree, we can usually get the money delivered in about a week. We’ve gotten money to some family members who were nearby in as little as a day or two.

One family member who was especially close by said “yes” in the morning, and the notary handed her a cashier’s check that afternoon. We can’t promise you that, but we’ve never had it take longer than two weeks from the time all the family members say yes, even during holidays.

A foreclosure just happened. How soon should we do this?

If your inherited Florida property was already foreclosed, don’t wait any longer. Contact us now.

How much could we get if we disputed the foreclosure ourselves?

It’s hard to say. For us, this is somewhat like the TV show where people buy what’s inside of unpaid storage units. They only get to look in through the door, but they can’t touch anything or look inside the boxes. Sometimes the boxes are full of good things. Other times they’re full of worthless junk nobody wants.

We do these disputes in bulk. We get enough payoffs to make it worth our while. For you, you’re probably better off just taking our offer.

If the foreclosure can be disputed, can we get the property back?

We’ve never seen that happen. If we’re successful, we just get some money. Sometimes we get more than we paid for the right to dispute the foreclosure, sometimes we get less. Sometimes we get nothing.

If you don’t recover anything, do we have to return the money?

No. The money is yours to keep, even if we recover nothing.

There’s no will, and we never did a probate. Does that matter?

With most of the properties we deal with, there’s no will, and probate wasn’t done. We can still pay you cash now for your right to dispute the foreclosure.

We didn’t do a probate. How do we know who the heirs are?

With most of families, it’s not very complicated. There are some examples here.

Will we have to appear in court?

No. We handle all that as part of our service.

What are your fees?

The families pay us nothing:

  • Nothing in advance, and
  • Nothing later.

We pay all the closing costs, too.

Do we have to pay taxes on this money?

If you inherited the property, this money is tax free. In the US, inheritance taxes only apply to very large inheritances. We provide documentation on this for your tax preparer to add one simple page to your next tax return so you don’t have to pay any taxes on this money.

For heirs outside the US, check with your local tax departments to find out how inheritances from the US are taxed. You may be able to find this online.

How long have you been in business?

You Have Inherited LLC is fairly new, established in early 2021, but the principals have been dealing with real estate for many years, as buyers, sellers, landlords, property managers, real estate investment trust trustees, and petitioners before Florida courts on real estate title matters.

Are you attorneys?

No, but we work with attorneys. If you have one, we can work with yours.

Are you real estate agents or brokers?

No. We buy the right to dispute the tax sales directly from family of the deceased.

Are you licensed?

No license is required for what we do.

Are you registered anywhere?

Yes. You Have Inherited LLC is registered with the Florida Secretary of State, Division of Corporations. We are also members of the Florida Land Title Association, the Institute for Professionals in Taxation, and the Unclaimed Property Professionals Organization.

Is there a way we can verify if you’re real?

Much of our success is documented in probate court records. However, even though those records are officially classified as public records, Florida law does not allow most probate records to be available online.

Contact us and we’ll show you how to see the important parts of these records, without having to go to the courthouse.